Today, proudly, I see Ferasa Company growing and progressing after succeeding in all works masterly performed, Thanks to the efforts of all the employees and the strategies that the company chose to transfer the knowledge, choosing the utmost better specialized partner…

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Emerged… as the most recent sister company in FERASA Group, comes with even broader activity range that spans all essential six oilfield technical.
Its activities are integrated with the international arm of he Group, Ferasa Int’l Trading and Construction Co. Ltd. and Ferasa Tasharukia.

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  • Consulting

    Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues.

  • Supplying

    FERASA Int’l has acquired extensive business services that are growing steadily and what once a typically local supplier has become a company that regards the entire Libya and across the border as its market place.

  • Installation & Project Management

    Ferasa’s Project Management team consists most experienced professionals, who can take any project all the way from conception to completion.

  • Maintenance

    We at Ferasa can provide maintenance services to all of our existing clients.