Fire Fighting

Stationary extinguishing systems protect people, assets and the environment. Incipient fires must be detected and brought under control or extinguished as quickly as possible. If this does not happen, a small flame can develop into a raging fire in just a few minutes. Only automatic, stationary extinguishing systems can protect people, companies and the environment against unforeseeable damage – trained personnel or fire fighters are not always on hand to intervene in time. Automatic extinguishing systems detect and suppress fires at an early stage.

Ferasa is based since its inception in 2006 on the expertise and commitment of its specialists. This position gave it a unique place in the market and enable it to offer its customers the best solutions to required applications – sprinkler system for a warehouse, a gas extinguishing system for a power plant, or a foam extinguishing system for an oil depot in the desert … etc Ferasa can design and provide appropriate suppression system to meet all requirements.