Our partner is known worldwide for longitudinally welded large diameter steel pipes in a variety of technical specifications for the highest qualitative requirements.

CLAD Steel Pipes

The oil & gas, chemical and mechanical engineering industries are increasingly turning to materials possessing high corrosion and wear resistance properties. Clad materials combine corrosion and wear resistance properties with high strength carbon manganese steels. To satisfy these requirements our supplier manufactures longitudinally welded clad pipes for applications including

  • Gathering Lines
  • Components in Refineries
  • Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Plants
  • Offshore-Pipelines
Low Temperature and Cryogenic Steel Pipes

As the worldwide demand for energy resources change, so do the requirements of the chemical, LNG and oil & gas industries as related to steel pipes. Recognising these developments, our partner has continued to develop its range of low

ASTM A203, Grades A – F (3.5% Nickel)

ASTM A353 (NN+T) &

A553 (Q&T) (8% & 9% Nickel steels)

Alloy 36 (36% Nickel)

High Strength Steel Pipes

The offshore oil & gas industry continually looks to reduce the weight of its installations by increasing the strength of materials used. As a world class supplier of steel pipes, our partner responded to these challenges by developing and now supplying longitudinally welded steel pipes produced from the latest generation of high strength steels, such as API 5L X80, X80 NACE, X100 and X120, produced in both the TMCP and Q&T supply condition.

These products find service in applications including: Drilling Riser, Riser Pipes, Gathering Lines, Wellhead Houses, Line Pipes, Mother Pipes for Bend.

Steel Pipes and Prefabricated Steel Pipe Components for the Renewables and Offshore Industry

We provide large steel pipes for offshore applications, also we supply complete kits of pipes and prefabricated pipe components to simplify further processing.

Pipes for Mechanical Engineering

We supply pipes for various mechanical engineering applications to customers all over the world in many industries. Mechanical engineering applications usually involve the tightest tolerances. Especially in the field of paper mills, our pipes are used not only as roll barrels but also as complete rolls in certain applications. Our extensively equipped machining centre provides the means by which we satisfy the high demands of our customers.

General mechanical engineering: Hydraulic cylinders · Rope drums · Yarn · Windlass Beams · Loom rolls · Winders

Paper machines: Felt guide rolls · Dandy rollers · Press rollers · Rewinders · Yankee cylinders

Pipes for Shell and Boiler Construction

We supply pipes for a variety of applications in shell and boiler construction.

Heat exchanger shells for cooling equipment Steam drums for the petrochemical industry Absorbers for gas cleaning facilities Reactors for various chemical processes.